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Wave Shape
We are a BSAC club (Rhondda Sub Aqua Club – branch number 2423).

We were formed in 1976 and dive in Pembrokeshire, the South West, at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow and at Glyn Neath Lakes.

We are family friendly and have a good mix of male, female and junior members. As well as diving in the UK our members have dived in Egypt, Malta, the Canary Islands, Thailand, Croatia, Gibralter, Australia and Micronesia.

We have a good mix of beginners, experienced divers, technical divers (OC and CCR) and instructors so there is something to suit everyone.

We offer all scuba courses from Ocean Diver right up to Advanced Diver and can deliver the majority of SDC’s (Skill Development Courses) that BSAC offer. The theory sessions for our entry level courses (Discovery Diver and Ocean Diver) can be completed via E-learning or face to face with one of our instructors.

We all take an active role in the club and are welcoming and supportive to our new members.

As well as a passion for diving, we also like cake and can be found most Thursday evenings eating some after our pool or lake session!

We have an active social calendar which includes meals out, drinks out, bowling, beach clean-ups, BBQ’s and club trips to dive shows and events.

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