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We are a BSAC club (Rhondda Sub Aqua Club -branch number 2423).

We were formed in 1976 and dive in Pembrokeshire,  the South West and at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow. 

We are family friendly and have male, female and junior members. 

As well as diving in the UK our members have dived in Egypt, Malta, the Canary Islands, Thailand, Australia and Micronesia.

We have a good mix of beginners, experienced divers, technical divers (OC and CCR) and instructors so there is something to suit everyone.

We offer all scuba courses from Ocean Diver right up to Advanced Diver and can deliver the majority of SDC's that BSAC offer.

We all take an active role in the club and are welcoming and supportive to our new members.

As well as a passion for diving, we also like cake and can be found most Thursday evenings eating some after our pool session!

We have an active social calendar which includes meals out, drinks out, bowling, beach clean-ups and club trips to dive shows and events.

Sport Diver

Sports Diver is your next step in BSAC’s Diver Training Programme.


You will broaden your experience in a variety of challenging open-water conditions and learn essential techniques to prepare you for diving to a maximum of 35 metres.


To enrol on a Sport Diver course you must have successfully completed an Ocean Diver course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency) and be aged 12 or older, but you need to be 14 or older to progress to depths greater than 20m post qualification.

You’ll learn how to spot if something is wrong and what to do in an emergency including self-rescue, recovery of unresponsive divers, and basic life support – these are among the most valuable skills any diver can learn.

The course includes six theory modules, a practical session on how to support a Dive Manager, a sheltered-water rescue skills session, and six open-water dives with plenty of time to practise your skills.

It’s a continually assessed course, so after your classroom and in-water training and a short theory exam, you’ll be competent to complete a series of depth progression dives – at increments of 5m – enabling you to dive down to a maximum of 35m.

Ocean Diver

The Ocean Diver course is open to anyone from the age of 12. 

You’ll just need to demonstrate that you can comfortably swim 200m in a pool, and the only kit you’ll need is a swimsuit and towel.


Your instructor will start by getting you comfortable breathing underwater in a pool or sheltered water and then develop your skills so that you are competent to dive safely in open water. After that you’ll head out for a series of at least four dives to develop your skills and confidence in open water.

You’ll learn how to use basic dive gear, control your buoyancy and move about underwater. You’ll also learn some basic safety skills and how to plan and manage your diving.


The course includes six theory modules, at least five sessions in a pool or sheltered water, and at least four open-water dives. It’s a continually assessed course so after your classroom and in-water training and a short theory exam you’ll have the grounding to continue your scuba diving journey.


At depths of down to 20m, Ocean Divers have plenty of chances to encounter a fascinating variety of wildlife and shipwrecks in seas, rivers, quarries, lochs and lakes. 

Dive Leader

This course is perfect for BSAC members who want to take a more active role in their club.

As a Dive Leader you become an essential team member helping to organise activities at your BSAC club.

The training also prepares you to dive to depths of up to 50 metres in a range of challenging conditions, following a series of post-qualification depth progression dives.

To enrol on a Dive Leader course you must have successfully completed a Sport Diver course (or have equivalent certification from another recognised training agency) and be aged 14 years or older.

Core to Dive Leader training is extending your personal diving to depths of up to 50m so you can plan and lead more adventurous dives needing detailed planning for gas and decompression requirements. Other skills introduced include using ‘lift and shift’ techniques to recover underwater objects.


You’ll also gain the expertise to plan dives for groups of divers, manage dives, and manage a rescue situation in an emergency, including carrying out casualty assessment and administering basic life support with oxygen.

The course includes 12 theory modules, seven open-water training dives, two dry practical lessons and 20 experience dives (which may include your training dives) in a range of underwater conditions.

It’s a continually assessed course, so after your classroom and in-water training, and a theory exam, you’ll just need to complete a selection of experience dives before you can complete your depth progression to 50m.

Advanced Diver

Advanced Diver training is essential for Dive Leaders who want to organise diving to places they’ve not been before, or Open Water Instructors who want to become Advanced Instructors.

During Advanced Diver training you can extend your diving knowledge to include techniques and emerging technologies involved in underwater search techniques, diving involving no clear surface (either cavern, wreck penetration or ice diving), open-circuit or closed-circuit mixed gas diving, advanced decompression diving and finding and diving an unknown site.

You will further your skills in rescue management and seamanship – using small boats as diving platforms, doing your own chartwork and navigation – and developing your leadership qualities and dive organisation skills.

The course includes relatively few formal lessons, just four, and is heavily based on a structured broadening of your diving experience, particularly in dive planning and management. There are two open-water training dives and two dry practical sessions.

It’s a continually assessed course, so after your classroom and in-water training and a theory exam, you’ll just need to log 20 open-water experience dives (which may include your training dives), and 600 minutes of underwater time, in a range of conditions, since qualifying as a Dive Leader. You’ll have been Dive Leader on at least 10 of your 20 qualifying dives and Dive Manager on at least five.

More Courses

BSAC offers a wide range of courses to suit everyone.

After completing the Advanced Diver course, many divers go on to gain their First Class Diver Qualification.

There are many Skill Development Courses (SDC's) on offer covering a range of skills from wreck diving, marine life appreciation, advanced decompression procedures, first aid for divers, boat handling and much more.

Some divers go down the technical route and there are a variety of mixed gas open circuit courses and closed circuit rebreather courses on offer.

BSAC also run a variety of scuba instructor courses.

Many BSAC courses can be run locally by our Club Instructors. Others can be completed at Regional Events.

If you are interested in any of these or would like to find out more click on the button below to visit the BSAC website.

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